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The Food Aid & Food Bank Initiative

It is an ongoing initiative to provide food basket aids for vulnerable groups, less fortunate households and those undergoing home quarantine due to COVID-19.

We take great pride in offering only quality items in our food baskets which we believe will impact an entire family.

For greater inclusivity for all recipients of this initiative, we worked hand-in-hand with our local community partners to establish food banks. We then reached out to education institutions, religious institutions, community-based cooperatives, and small traders to identify those who were affected.

The food baskets are contributed by respective neighbourhood members, individuals and local businesses in the targeted community.

Sebuah Entiti Usahawan Sosial (Social Enterprise) yang berdaftar dan bertanggungjawab memberi fokus kepada impak sosial dan alam sekitar kepada komuniti setempat. Menuju kearah Matlamat Pembangunan Mampan (UNSDG)

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